Shoigu came to the front line and announced the need for preventive strikes against the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Minister of Defense of Russia came to the front line – he visited the command post of the “Center” group of troops in the NVO zone with a check.

The press service of the defense department informs about this in its telegram channel.

It is reported that on the spot, Sergei Shoigu heard reports from the commander of the group, Lieutenant General Andrei Mordvichev, as well as commanders and staff officers.

The minister was told about the current situation, the nature of the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the performance of combat missions by the Russian army.

Photo: screenshot from the video of the Russian Ministry of Defense

Shoigu expressed gratitude to the command and personnel of the group for successful operations within the framework of the NMD.

In particular, he thanked for the effectiveness of offensive operations in the Krasnoliman direction with the capture of more advantageous positions by Russian troops.

Particular attention, according to the statement of the head of the Ministry of Defense, should be given to the fighters inflicting effective preventive strikes on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, knocking them out of their positions.

These measures will ensure the maximum safety of the lives and health of Russian military personnel, – the press service of the Defense Ministry quoted him as saying.

Shoigu was shown one of the trophies of the group – a captured Swedish BMP CV-90.

According to the Ministry of Defense, it went out of order and was abandoned by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the retreat after “hit by a shot from an RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher.”

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