Putin signed the law on raising the draft age

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on raising the draft age.

  • How to change the age of conscription in Russia
  • Contract in emergency situations

The document was published on the Official Internet Portal of Legal Information of the Russian Federation.

How to change the age of conscription in Russia

The upper limit of the draft age has been increased by 3 years – from 27 to 30 years.

The lower limit remains unchanged. Thus, the age of conscription for military service is set at the level of 18-30 years.

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When considered in the State Duma in the first reading, the draft law assumed a shift in the boundaries of the age of conscription from 18-27 years to 21 years – 30 years and a transitional period until 2026.

By the second reading, the norms on raising the lower limit of the draft age and the transition period were excluded.

In addition, citizens subject to conscription will be prohibited from leaving the country from the day the summons is sent, including to the place of study or work, and the summons is placed in the register of served summons.

Contract in emergency situations

The law provides that with conscripts and reservists entering military service in emergency circumstances (state of emergency, restoration of the constitutional order, liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters), for participation in operations to maintain / restore international peace and security and in a number of other cases, it is possible to conclude contract for one year or less.

A contract with a conscript can be concluded no earlier than one month before the end of the military service.

In wartime, during the period of mobilization and martial law in the event of armed conflicts, carrying out CTO, using the Armed Forces outside the country, a contract can be concluded with conscripts and citizens who are not in the reserve for a year, with reserve officers – for a year or less.

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