Why do dogs bark for no reason. Every owner needs to know

A dog is considered a man’s best friend. However, unfortunately, dogs cannot tell everything to their owners, so they try to convey their thoughts through barking.

  • Why do dogs bark for no reason
  • Reasons for barking at strangers
  • Reasons for barking at other dogs
  • Reasons for barking at a certain person

If she starts barking for no reason, most likely it’s just the owner does not understand why this is happening.

Why do dogs bark for no reason

A dog will never bark for no reason. Most likely, she sees an irritant or smells an unfamiliar aroma. Also, the dog can be just bored, because they all also have their own character.

An animal can thus react to a fly, a cat, or another object that it is ready to attack.

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Barking can be a signal that strangers are approaching the door, or a hint that your favorite toy is stuck somewhere. Also, the pet may ask to drink or eat in this way, or he is just in a good mood and wants to run, jump, play. If so, you need to take care of your dog and give him more attention.

Prolonged barking can signal nervousness from an unfamiliar place or an irritant that reminds him of something unpleasant. To help your pet cope with this, contact your veterinarian to examine him and determine if treatment is needed.

Reasons for barking at strangers

If the dog is still small, up to 8 months old, then it still does not distinguish strangers from its own. Closer to the year the dog matures and barks out of fear. Also, barking can be the result of improper upbringing and training. When a dog suddenly becomes silent and does not make any sounds for a long time, this may indicate an unhealthy condition of the pet.

Reasons for barking at other dogs

It doesn’t always involve aggressive behavior. Most of the time it’s just emotions. Puppies generally suffer from an excess of feelings and will not miss a single living creature. When dogs bark at each other, it’s a way to say hello and invite them to play.

If you feel aggressive notes during barking, you need to teach your pet not to do this. Aggression can be caused by fear or poor socialization of the pet.

Reasons for barking at a certain person

If a dog reacts badly to a certain face, it means that he does not like it. The irritant can be smell, movement or appearance. Also, the dog may react to a person who is too tall, his headdress or glasses or beard. The pet can be nervous due to the persistent scent, body movements, and direct eye contact. Also, it is believed that dogs are able to feel the nature of a person and understand whether they should be trusted.

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