How to understand that a dog loves you: experts named 3 signs that cannot be ignored

Dogs treat people extremely positively, so earning their love is not so difficult.

  • By what signs can this be understood?
  • Good walking behavior
  • cuddles
  • Likes to be around

However, sometimes a dog can choose only one family member, whom he will value and respect more than others.

By what signs can this be understood?

Good walking behavior

Love and respect in this matter are closely linked, experts say. If the dog loves you, then during the walk he will not pull, but will walk very calmly.

If the dog constantly pulls you, then you need to adjust its behavior.

Photo: © Belnovosti


Even large animals try to press their body against the person they love. They are very pleased to feel the warmth of the human body.

Especially often this can be noticed at the moment when the animal “requires” attention.

Likes to be around

If the dog has chosen “his” person, he will try to constantly be near. The dog is ready to constantly change its location just for the sake of being closer to a person.

Sometimes the dog literally “runs” for the owner all day long. In this case, you should not ignore the pet – it’s better to spend time together playing.

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