Dogs and cats: the basics of health prevention

Protecting dogs and cats against parasites constitutes the essential basis of good prevention which can be covered by animal health insurance.

Protect to get your money back

If animal health insurance covers diseases transmitted by parasites and worms, it is essential to preventively protect dogs and cats.

As soon as a prevention system exists, it must be put in place so that in the event of a problem, veterinary costs are reimbursed.

In terms of prevention, it is therefore necessary to actively fight – throughout the year – against internal parasites (worms) and external parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.).

Like vaccination (except against rabies for traveling outside France), deworming and antiparasitic treatments are not compulsory.

A question of hygiene for everyone

However, they also constitute the essential bases of prevention, the minimum that we can provide to ensure the well-being and preserve the health of dogs and cats.

This also contributes to good hygiene benefiting those around the animals, all members of the household and those outside they come into contact with.

Generally speaking, the fight against external parasites comes down to a treatment that can be repeated every month and four times a year (always on average) for internal parasites.

A dewormer or antiparasitic used alone would be of no benefit. Fleas, for example, if they cause itching can also be responsible, among other things, for the transmission of worms.

Refer to the veterinarian’s recommendations

The veterinarian will define with the owner the products best suited to each animal according to its species, its lifestyle and will advise on the schedule to follow.

Dewormers and antiparasitics help prevent many diseases, some of which are serious and difficult to treat. The cost of treatments is low compared to the veterinary costs that certain pathologies once declared can entail.

Thanks to the prevention package contained in certain animal health insurance packages, the owner has a sum which is renewed each year and which can easily be used to finance the purchase of preventive treatments.

Good nutrition and minimal maintenance

Good prevention will also involve a balanced, good quality diet. Finally, some care will need to be provided regularly: brushing, inspection and cleaning of teeth, eyes, ears, claws, etc.

The products and accessories useful for these interviews can also benefit from the use of the prevention package. For their acquisition, care and routine maintenance products (without prescription) do not require veterinary consultation.

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