5 useful apps for your pets

A digital health record, with important information and reminders for the medical monitoring of your dog or cat,…To take care of them and pamper them, discover these 5 essential applications.

You cherish your pet and intend to keep a vigilant eye on its health. Better than the venerable paper health record your veterinarian gave you, modern applications present attractive options, thus simplifying the lives of pet owners.

My Companion

The app My Companion allows you to always have on hand all the information essential to the well-being of your cat, dog or rodent.

Start by creating your companion’s identity card (one for each if you have several) specifying their race, their coat, their date of birth, the number and location of their electronic chip, their possible pathologies, his insurance, etc.

It is then in the tab “Medical notebook” that you will have to provide data relating to his health: date of the last vaccination, administration of dewormer or medication, medical procedure, etc. All elements which will facilitate care during your next visit to the veterinarian.

You can also show your pet’s weight tracking, another very useful feature of the app. And, to help you not forget anything, My Companion sends you reminders: next consultation, vaccine or medication to be administered, etc. No fear of being flooded with notifications: you set the nature and frequency of alerts.

Are you going on vacation and entrusting your pet to a pet-sitter? Simply share with him the file you created so that he has access to all the important information and pampers your furry companion as best as possible.

Regardless of where you are in France, you will obtain in one click the list and contact details of the nearest veterinarians. You can also contact a poison control center directly from the app.

Borrow my doggie

Do you have a dog, but don’t always have time to take him out? Others don’t have any, but love their touch. This app puts you in touch to organize walks or guards. The “borrowers” ​​are volunteers and registration is free. It gives you access to the profiles of dog-sitters and dogs.

By selecting a subscription Borrow my doggie offers protection for your companion thanks to these numerous security measures (veterinary insurance and 24-hour veterinary assistance line).


A sudden health problem and no veterinarian able to examine your animal? Find one with this app which allows you to organize a videoconference teleconsultation to receive advice quickly.

At the end of your appointment, you will receive, by email, a detailed report which will guide you on the actions to take to ensure the proper management of your animal’s health.


Your companion deserves better than a walk around the block. Discover original courses for dogs proposed by other users.
For each walk, a sheet summarizes the essential data:

  • description,
  • possible dangers,
  • attendance,
  • type of road,
  • possibility of detaching the leash…

Woog also allows you to record the km traveled, your pace, the duration of the ride, etc.


To no longer risk being turned away at the entrance to a store, a hotel, a beach or a restaurant with your dog, find on this French application all the places that accept furry companions.

The tool is collaborative, do not hesitate to enrich it with your addresses to inform other users. With its easy interface, find more than 4000 places authorized for pets.

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