Why you can’t read while eating: signs and a rational explanation

Many people have a bad habit – to read a book or a newspaper during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Folk omens
  • rational explanation

It is clear that you want to save at least a few minutes. Yet reading and eating should take place at different times.

The fact is that the habit described above is very dangerous both in terms of signs and from a rational point of view.

So what are the consequences of this action?

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Folk omens

According to beliefs, reading while eating can cause a person to “jam” memory.

Thus, during the preparation for the exam, it is not worth reading textbooks or notes during lunch: there is a high probability that a person simply will not absorb the information.

In addition, it is believed that reading at the same time as eating food can bring bad luck.

rational explanation

If a person reads during lunch, he does not look at his plate of food.

And yet it must be done. Not looking at a tasty dish can lead to the fact that a person’s stomach juices are released late. As a result, digestive problems may occur.

Thus, it is impossible to be distracted during the meal. Don’t read books, watch TV, or work on your computer while you’re eating.

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