Why acne often appears on the face before an important meeting: signs have nothing to do with it

Many people notice one negative feature: before any important meeting, acne may appear on the face.

People of all ages face this unpleasant situation.

It doesn’t matter what kind of meeting is to be held. Some people notice the appearance of rashes before a planned date with a person they really like.

Others run into trouble when interviewing for their dream job. Also, pimples can “beautify” the face before important negotiations.

Photo: Pixabay

Why is this happening

Experts say that our nervous system is to blame. The person starts to worry. This results in excess sebum secretion.

Since a person does not have the opportunity to promptly treat the face, then we have acne.

For this reason, it is extremely important to keep yourself in control. You can feel nervous, but be careful not to get nervous.

By the way, not only acne can appear due to excess stress. In such an unpleasant emotional state, a person behaves worse than in the “usual” mode.

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