Which IT specialists are in high demand

In today’s world, the demand for IT professionals is growing at an unprecedented pace. The constant development of technological progress leads to the fact that the IT-sphere becomes decisive in various industries and society as a whole.

The need for experienced IT professionals is increasing day by day.

Among the many vacancies offered on the market, two of the most sought-after areas stand out in particular – developers and designers.

At the same time, the increase in demand also leads to increased competition, and it becomes difficult for beginners to fulfill their dream of getting the job they want, notes Edward KhomitskyBelarusian IT specialist-millionaire, businessman, owner of an IT company.

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The modern IT industry is mainly based on developers and designers. Skilled developers are needed to create and maintain programs and websites, and designers make their creative contributions to improve user experience and aesthetics. As businesses increasingly rely on digital platforms, the demand for skilled developers and designers has skyrocketed. And it is important to note that the growth trend continues.

As a result of high demand, a large number of educational programs, projects, courses in the field of information technology have appeared. Due to the growing number of those wishing to break into the IT field, such educational projects provide an opportunity for those seeking to get into the IT field to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

A large number of people who want to become specialists in programming have created a competitive job market. Companies receive a huge number of applications for open positions, making it difficult to select the right candidates based on their qualifications alone.

One position that sees a significant influx of applicants is tester. Previously, testers were considered to be the entry stage in the IT industry, as this profession was considered relatively easy compared to other positions. But today this path has become less attractive due to the huge number of applicants and increased competition.

Employers are now looking for candidates with more specialized skills and practical experience.

Experience plays a key role when entering the IT industry. Although it may seem easier to get started as a tester, getting a job in this position without work experience can be quite difficult. Employers highly appreciate the practical experience that can be gained through internships or taking part in real projects with portfolio development. The result is a problem: to get a job, you need experience, and to get experience, you need a job.

To break this vicious circle, novice specialists should consider internships in small IT companies. Such an internship allows you to gain valuable experience working on commercial projects, which makes the candidate more attractive to potential employers. Internships in companies that are actively working on real projects allow you to gain insight into current industry practices and collaborate with experienced professionals.

While there are many programming courses out there, not all of them provide the same level of hands-on experience. Some courses may not directly include development or participation in real projects, which makes them less effective for gaining useful experience for beginners and, accordingly, a confident start to a career in IT. Therefore, it is especially important to carefully choose courses and educational programs that correspond to career goals and provide a real opportunity to receive practical training.

The competition for various vacancies is really high, especially for positions that require applicants to have relevant experience. Companies often face difficulties in selecting candidates for these vacancies, which leads to a shortage of qualified specialists.

To stay in demand in the industry, you need to constantly update your knowledge and skills. Thus, by actively participating in projects and constantly improving your skills, you can be sure of a successful IT career and a stable income.

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