What to put in your pocket for good luck: 5 things that can attract luck

Many people want to be lucky at work, in their personal lives, and in the financial sector.

  • Red handkerchief
  • Money
  • Bag of salt
  • Bay leaf
  • Chamomile

There are many rituals that are believed to attract good luck.

According to popular beliefs, one of the ways to become a lucky person is to carry certain things in your pocket.

What kind of “happy” things are we talking about?

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Red handkerchief

It is believed that such a product brings good luck.

The fact is that red color symbolizes energy and luck.


Banknotes and coins can be put not only in a wallet, but also in a pocket.

According to beliefs, finding banknotes there attracts financial luck.

Bag of salt

A bag of bulk product attracts luck.

Therefore, such a thing should be put in your pocket before an exam, interview or any other important event.

It is important that the bag remains intact. Spilled salt is a bad omen.

Bay leaf

Lavrushka is considered by many people to be a “magnet” for money.

When in your pocket, such a leaf can, according to signs, help a person get out of poverty.


It is believed that the petals of this flower can make a person more successful in love and in money matters.

The plant must be dried, put in a bag, and then in your pocket.

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