What to do with bread crumbs to attract wealth: an interesting ritual

Many people want to ensure that money flows to them like a river.

Such qualities as diligence, activity, purposefulness help to become a wealthy person.

But sometimes no effort helps to normalize the financial situation in the family.

And then some people pay attention to the rituals. One of them is a certain action with the remnants of bread.

Photo: Pixabay

What to do with bread crumbs

After eating bakery products, many crumbs may remain on plates and on the surface of the table.

In most cases, housewives collect these leftovers and pour them into the trash can.

However, if the family has financial problems, then crumbs should be dealt with differently.

The rest of the bread should be collected, taken out into the street and fed to the birds.

According to signs, this ritual will attract money to the family.

The fact is that there is such a belief: “The one who shows generosity becomes wealthy.”

However, not every person can share money, because he himself is poor.

Then such a symbolic action as feeding the birds comes to the rescue. It is believed that the transfer of bread crumbs to birds can also open a cash flow for a person.

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