What money can not be put in a wallet: few people know about it

Obviously, the wallet is designed specifically for storing money.

  • damaged money
  • Money that cannot be redeemed
  • Money won or found

However, not all banknotes and coins can be put in this bag.

There are banknotes that, according to signs, can scare away financial luck if they end up in a wallet.

So, what kind of money should not be put in a wallet?

Photo: © Belnovosti

damaged money

According to beliefs, torn banknotes and bent coins should not appear in the wallet.

It is believed that violation of this recommendation may lead to the closure of the money channel.

Money that cannot be redeemed

In the wallet, there is nothing to do with banknotes and metal banknotes, which have long been out of circulation.

Firstly, it is dangerous from the point of view of folk signs: you can attract poverty.

Secondly, it makes no sense: why keep money in your wallet that can no longer be used?

Money won or found

It would seem that keeping a lottery winnings or banknotes found on the street in a wallet should attract good luck.

In fact, according to signs, it is better to store such money elsewhere: there will most likely be no re-luck. It is possible that the banknotes won or found, on the contrary, will scare away good luck.

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