Human guardian angel: how to recognize that he is nearby

Esotericists claim that some people have their own guardian angel who protects from negativity and is able to come to the rescue at any moment.

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But how do you know if there is a guardian angel or not?


The fact that a protector is present in a person’s life can be evidenced by dreams. Dreams do not have to be prophetic.

The dreamer can see a fabulous creature or hear a voice that warns him of danger, predicts future events and gives clues. The plot of such a dream must be remembered. It is better to heed the advice that has penetrated the mind in such an amazing way.

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Visions do not occur in sweet dreams, but in reality. For example, angels can appear on earth in the form of an old man or an old woman. It seems to a person that in front of him is a living person. In fact, this is a guardian angel who changed his appearance. And although he is completely unfamiliar, he seems pleasant.

I want to talk to him. For example, it happens that a person meets an old man who warns of danger.

He says: “Don’t buy tickets for the rest, you can’t go on the road right now.”

Through reincarnation, the angels do their work. They may not necessarily appear in human form. An angel can appear as an inanimate object. It could be a rainbow on the road in front of a person walking ahead, or a large fireball.

Only a few can see such signs.

Strange behavior of children and pets

Animals are more sensitive to what is happening than people. They sense danger. The color of the animal and the breed are unimportant, because pets are associated with other worlds.

Cats and dogs can play with the wind. Look at one point, take off all right, they just saw an angel.

Children are considered little angels up to the age of 12. Therefore, if a child talks to himself, most likely with him, a guardian angel is nearby.

Strange sensations

If you suddenly feel hot or cold, then a guardian angel has descended from heaven. Strange tingling in the back of the head indicates that higher forces want to make contact.

Pleasant smells can signal that a protector is nearby. A person can suddenly smell the fresh aroma of flowers, the smell of citrus fruits, and other people do not feel this smell.


If a person has to make an important decision that will necessarily affect his future, he needs a sign. Because there are many doubts. An angel sends a sign. It can be a car number with the same numbers, the word “no”.


Miracles happen in life. For example, a person was in a hurry to meet with a realtor to see an apartment, but was late.
An absurd accident happened: a car broke down on the road. But then it turns out that the realtor turned out to be a scammer. If the deal went through, the buyer would be left without money.

There are also worse scenarios. For example, a person was sitting near the driver, but suddenly he wanted to get out. He left the salon of public transport, later this bus had an accident. All passengers died. When the passenger got off at a different stop, there was an angel next to him.

A sign that the angel is not far away is a white bird feather found on the road or in the yard.

Are there guardian angels?

Some people may deny the existence of higher powers. So they accept fate as an accident. Others, on the contrary, believe in the existence of guardian angels, God, seers.

The brain can give different versions, but you need to learn to hear the inner voice. Tips of guardian angels will help in any situation and will not let you fall into the traps of dangerous people.

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