How to put on shoes: first you need to put on the right or left shoe

Many people do not consider such a moment as the order of putting on shoes important.

But for a superstitious person, it matters which shoe was put on first – right or left.

It is believed that this choice determines whether a person will have a successful day and whether he will face problems in the near future.

So, how exactly do folk signs recommend putting on shoes?

Photo: © Belnovosti

Folk signs about putting on shoes

According to beliefs, first you need to put on the right shoe (sneaker, shoe, etc.), and then the left one.

It is believed that the day will be successful only if this condition is met.

The fact is that the right shoe is associated in the popular imagination with goodness, and the left shoe is associated with dark forces.

If at first a person puts on the left shoe, then, according to signs, it will open the way for evil and bad luck.

In addition, there is a sign according to which putting on left shoes in the first place can provoke health problems. First of all – with teeth.

Also, do not confuse the right and left shoes. If you accidentally start putting your right foot into your left shoe, then, according to legend, you can run into serious trouble.

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