How to neutralize the effect of signs about a black cat running across the road: 4 ways

A black cat that crosses or crosses the road brings bad luck.

Perhaps this is one of the most famous negative signs.

However, many do not know how to neutralize its effect.

But there are at least four ways. And none of them are difficult.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Ways to neutralize the sign

It is believed that if a black cat crosses the road, then luck will leave the person who continues the path before the end of the day.

To avoid negative consequences, you must perform one of the following actions:

  • grab a button;
  • find a broken branch, pick it up and break it;
  • make a 360-degree turn;
  • To cross fingers.

According to beliefs, any of these rituals cancels the effect of the sign about a black cat. The main thing is to have time to complete the action before approaching the area where the animal was located.

A person can safely follow a previously planned route: there is no need to be afraid of dangers and unpleasant consequences.

There is another way to neutralize signs: you can spit three times over your left shoulder. However, many people do not want to act this way, especially if someone is nearby.

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