How to attract money with salt: here’s what to do once a month

Salt is not just a spice often used in cooking.

It is also a means without which it is impossible to imagine many rituals and rituals.

For example, with the help of sodium chloride, you can attract money. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

If you believe the signs, then one monthly action with salt can help a person get rich.

Photo: © Belnovosti

What to do with salt

Immediately after receiving wages, spice must be sprinkled on the money.

It is believed that the ceremony is worth carrying out even if the person was not given a salary in cash, but transferred the appropriate amount to a bank card.

Salt must be on banknotes or on a card within ten minutes.

After that, the bulk agent must be blown off the surface of the banknotes or plastic fixture.

Next, you need to say the phrase: “Money has come into my life. This will continue to happen in the future.”

According to signs, such a ritual can make a person a “magnet” for money. It is possible that the financial situation of the family will be significantly improved.

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