Why do we need chocolate during menstruation?

Phase of wolf hunger during menstruation? We know! But why do we have an incredible taste for chocolate?

Claim no. 1:

Hormonal imbalance is to blame
At the beginning of menstruation, the level of progesterone and estrogen decreases. This causes hunger. In addition, the share of serotonin also decreases, while cortisol increases the stress level. This causes us to crave sugary foods that will rebalance our serotonin levels and make us happy (at least for a while). We are like addicts – we search all the drawers…

Claim no. 2:

It’s not hormones, it’s our head
It is said that the desire for chocolate during menstruation is not caused by hormones, it is said to have a purely psychological effect. This is supported by a 2004 study in which researchers observed American and Spanish women during menstruation. While American women did indeed demand chocolate during “their days,” increased intake of the treat was not confirmed for Spanish women during this period. They did not reach for chocolate at a certain time of the month, but regularly, every day, after work. Based on this, scientists concluded that we simply learned to reach for chocolate.

Where is the truth?

The truth will probably be somewhere in the middle, or a mixture of these two statements. If you don’t want to gain weight during your period, rely on daylight in combination with fresh air (ideally with movement), it will help raise your serotonin level just as well, even healthier than chocolate.

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