Why a man can leave: 5 serious reasons

Starting to meet with a young man, the girl hopes that their relationship will last a long time, that only happiness awaits them ahead. In order for the relationship to develop, the lady makes an effort, tries to show the guy all her positive features.

  • No sympathy
  • Looking for adventure
  • Fear
  • unjustified hopes
  • stupidity

But in some cases this does not give an effect: the man disappears some time after the beginning of the novel. Of course, the lady wants to know what is the true reason for such behavior. There are several explanations for this behavior.

No sympathy

This reason is the most obvious. The girl simply does not like the man, so he prefers to leave her right away so that the relationship does not go too far.

After the first dates, the guy may not understand that he has no sympathy for the lady. In the future, this realization comes to him. It also happens that a man decides to play with a girl, get everything that is possible from her, and then leave.

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Looking for adventure

A man can be just a hunter. He likes to conquer a girl, to draw the attention of a lady to himself. When the girl is in his power, he loses all interest in her, begins to look for the next victim.

So a man has fun, looking for adventure.


Naturally, a young man is attracted to a woman. But his fears sometimes prevent him from being liberated, allowing himself to become emotionally attached to the chosen one, becoming vulnerable.

A man may be afraid of the responsibility that he will have to take on if he manages to build a serious relationship. He is afraid of losing his freedom. If he is in the power of a woman, he wants to run without looking back.

unjustified hopes

Sometimes women want to attract a man by talking about the fact that they do not want a long-term relationship. A young man such a turn can scare away.

This happens if a man wants to be accepted by a lady as he is, if he wants a serious relationship.


Sometimes a man simply cannot see in a girl all her virtues, positive qualities.

Often, ladies simply console themselves with such a thought. But in reality, such a scenario can take place.

You should not run after a young man who has decided to leave. He has the right to choose what to do, how to live. After a breakup, a girl should just calm down, and then start looking for another life partner.

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