What sports to do in winter?

Even winter offers a lot of sports activities that you can use to keep fit.

What sports to do in winter?

What sports to do in winter?

The practice originated in the United States and quickly spread throughout the world. Regular aerobics has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, breathing and movement system. Currently, it has several offshoots such as zumba or spinning, you only need to choose which one best suits the temperament of the exerciser.
price: one hour of exercise 3–4 euros

In recent years, it has also experienced a boom in Slovakia. It can be played in pairs or in fours, beginners quickly get used to the rules and the game itself. Badminton is a dynamic sport and is good for improving physical condition, strengthening the legs and the butt area. Allegedly, it is also suitable for reducing cellulite.
price: amateur racket from 10 euros, an hour of play from 5 euros

The least financially demanding sport, you only need to invest in quality footwear. Running increases your overall physical condition, benefits your heart, trains your legs and helps you lose weight. However, more obese people should be careful not to put too much strain on themselves and damage their joints when running. It is recommended to run on a soft surface.
the price: –

In winter, they are full even in areas with covered climbing walls. Climbing increases fitness, improves concentration and coordination of movements. Businesses with climbing walls usually also offer their own daily or several-week climbing courses for beginners.
price: entrance to the climbing wall from 3 euros, equipment rental from 3 euros

You can play sports and relax in the swimming pool, because many centers have their own whirlpools and saunas. Swimming improves fitness, helps shape the figure, benefits the back. Swimming also helps with weight loss, but weight is lost faster when swimming in warmer water. It is also important to follow the correct swimming style.
price: entrance fee to the swimming pool from 2 euros

The first visit to the gym should be accompanied by a trained trainer. He can determine not only the right exercises for critical parts, he can also advise on creating a healthy menu. If you follow the exercises and nutrition, the results should not be long in coming. Whether it is strengthening or losing weight.
price: entrance to the gym from 2.5 euros

In Slovakia, squash is considered a relatively new sport, but few people know that its history goes back further than the history of badminton. Flexibility and observation are important during the game, calm and fast phases usually alternate during the match. Squash improves fitness, while playing at a high pace you can also lose weight.
price: amateur racket from 20 euros, an hour of play from 5 euros

Although it has a lot of competition from its younger relatives – squash and badminton, tennis is still a very popular sport in Slovakia. During the match, the player improves his condition, strengthens his arms and legs. It has a beneficial effect on cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. When playing at a high tempo, it also helps with weight loss.
price: amateur racket from 20 euros, an hour of play from 7 euros

Text: Milan Čupka for Magazín Pravdy

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