Vintage family PHOTOS of Princess Diana have blown up the web

It has been almost 22 years since Britain’s Princess Diana died in a tragic accident in the French capital of Paris. However, to this day, most people follow with interest every tidbit that comes out about it.

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Shockingly, even after two decades, unsuspected things appear, even photos of the ex-wife of the British Prince Charles.

From jenata. we have already shared with you secrets from the archive relating to young Diana Spencer and Prince Charlesh.

The two had a difficult marriage that ended in divorce, but from their cohabitation Princes William and Harry were born. From jenata. we recall that shortly after baby Harry was born, Lady Di cried that “something inside her had died“. In addition, from jenata. we have revealed why Diana loved Harry more than William.

However, now from jenata. we have come across sensational intimate photos from as far back as 1989 featuring Princess Di and other members of the British royal family.

It turned out that the photos and their story remained hidden for 18 years. they were locked in a box, which, however, was opened in 2007.

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The photos are believed to have been taken at Highgrove during a visit by Diana’s close friend Caroline Bartholomew and her son Jack.

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The happy pictures were taken a few years before Lady Di and Charles’ marriage fell apart. In them, the late princess looks extremely happy and relaxed as she poses with her young children.

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In some of the photos, Diana is wearing a pink jumper and a pair of white shorts.

There are also pictures of seven-year-old William with his mother and her best friend.

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Jack’s nanny Mary Bruce is believed to have been behind the lens. It was she who kept the photos in a box until her death, and then her son inherited them and showed them to the general public.

Many of the photos are of Diana with the little princes, who are still babies. / jenata.

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