Train, but don’t stagnate! Vary the exercise

Focusing exclusively on problematic parties would be a mistake. With the same training, you also deal with motivation.

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Vary the exercise, it’s more fun.

If you suddenly stagnate during exercise, your body no longer reacts to training as you would like, and moreover, you lose motivation, unchanging training may be to blame. Exercises should be varied so that you exercise as many muscles and parts of the body as possible. It is not good to focus exclusively on your problem area and ignore the rest of the body.

During unilateral training, the body gets used to a certain load and is very adaptable. You’ve probably already experienced a situation in the gym when you “ran” into a new workout that was really challenging for you. But if you haven’t changed it for a few weeks, you notice that you can handle it much easier than when you started with it. Your body gets used to this load. Therefore, it is necessary to change the training plan every month during regular exercise.

The variety of exercises is important not only for evenly loading muscles and parts of the body – but also for your own motivation. Also alternate circuit training in the gym with, for example, other types of outdoor sports – currently you can try Nordic walking or ice skating. In this way, it is good to alternate individual exercise with group exercise – in this case, the motivation is even more pronounced, because together with other people during the group exercise, you encourage each other, and at the same time, the trainer also takes care of a good mood during the exercise.

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