These little girls conquered Instagram with their beauty PHOTOS

Every mother thinks that there is no more beautiful child in the world than hers. But there are also children whose beauty is admired not only by parents, but also by the whole world. Their angelic faces shine from the covers of glossy magazines, and fashion agencies are clamoring to offer them contracts.

Their popularity is due not only to the beauty with which nature has endowed them, but also to the hard work of their parents (most often mothers).

Ambitious ladies do not stop uploading photos of their children on social networks, attracting countless followers and even manage to earn good money.

Today from jenata. we will show you what the children look like, who, thanks to their appearance and charming magic, became famous all over the world.

This is Anna Pavaga. She took her first steps as a model at the age of 3.

Today, the little Russian girl is 10 years old and is considered one of the most famous children in the world.

Anna’s face often graces the covers of fashion magazines, and likes keep pouring in under her photos on the social network.

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The little beauty can boast of more than half a million followers on Instagram. Her mother handles her profile on the social network.

She shares that Anna is preparing to enter an academy to become a ballerina. Because of her many commitments, the little girl does not go to school, but is educated at home.

Her career as a photo model began by a happy accident. When she turned 2, her family decided to have a professional photo shoot.

With the consent of her parents, the photographer published the photo of the little one on social networks. And very soon the offers from advertising agencies start to rain.

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In 2017, another girl from Russia was named the most beautiful in the world. For two years, 8-year-old Anastasia Knyazeva has been filming in commercials.

The little girl has unusual blue eyes and a doll-like appearance, which makes marketers inundate her with proposals for collaboration.

More than 1 million people follow Nastya’s Instagram account, which is maintained by her mother.

Little Anastasia studied in an ordinary school, attended a dance studio, studied singing, culinary skills and English.

By the way, in addition to praise, Anastasia’s family also faced a lot of negative comments.

Netizens often accuse her mother of using too much makeup to make her daughter more beautiful and openly profiting from her child’s unique appearance.

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10-year-old sisters Ava Marie and Leah Rose are also very famous for their looks. They are called the most beautiful twin models in the world.

The girls’ mother says that their bright features appeared in early childhood.

Even then, she received an offer to sign their first advertising contract. But he takes advantage of such an offer only when the girls turn 7 years old.

World fame hits them literally in a year. Their Instagram profile has over 1.7 million followers, and literally every second post is an advertisement.

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Jair from Nigeria is not as famous as other girl models, but she has already managed to earn the title of “one of the most beautiful girls in the world”.

She gained worldwide fame after photographer Mofe Bamaiva uploaded her photos to Instagram.

“Oh yes, she’s human! But she’s also… an angel,” the author of the footage wrote.

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Although inexperienced in posing in front of the camera, Jair doesn’t show any fear of the lens and seems like she was born for it.

After becoming a star, together with his mother and sister, he created his own profile on the social network, where he has over 160,000 followers. /jenata.

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