The stories of these women will shatter your expectations of the first birth

For many women who are about to become mothers for the first time, the word “birth” evokes a huge fear, which makes them hide somewhere where no one will find them.

You have read a lot of books, and the friends who have already gone through this path have long ago told you in detail how painful, long and painful this process is. And how enormous the responsibility and duties become after the appearance of this little man.

But inside every woman lives a dreamer who imagines everything in the most magical way. She also built illusions about the birth, which, of course, have nothing to do with reality itself!

Whatever your expectations are for the birth and the first days after it, we assure you – everything will be very different!

Expectation: Birth is a long process, it will probably take about an hour and a half

You just go to the hospital, they give you a magic pill and the baby comes out.

All women who have already given birth will laugh evilly, because if everything goes according to plan, things drag on much longer.

Reality: “When the lightest first hour passed, elated at how wonderful I was doing, I asked the doctor how long I had left. I almost fell out of bed with the answer. 12 more hours to go! At first I thought it was a joke. And how wrong I was … It turned out that the first birth can last between 10 and 15 hours. In the best case, “says the first-time mother.

Expectation: I’m giving birth and the belly will evaporate

Many girls have heard that it takes some time after giving birth for their belly to go back. But surely few of them suspect that this “known time” will drag on for quite a long time.

Reality: “The big belly and the 20 bonus kilos to my weight destroyed all my dreams. I was huge, and my belly only came in 1/3. It was then that I realized why there were no mirrors in the maternity hospital. It would be nice if there was even a little one,” shared another mother.

Expectation: Just get home and we’ll have a big celebration

Can you imagine how, slim and in a good mood, you will welcome enthusiastic grandparents into your home with open arms? You’ll sweet-talk each other, reminisce about childhood stories, and say nonsense like, “By the time we turn around, he’ll be in school.”

Reality: “The birth did not go well and by the 13th hour I could no longer think. The baby got entangled in the umbilical cord and I had an episiotomy so that they could remove it unharmed. For this reason I was forbidden to sit down for a whole month. The celebration with relatives was real hell I had no energy for anything.

The state after childbirth can hardly be defined as a peak of activity: the female body recovers after pregnancy, rebuilds itself. It’s a huge expenditure of energy, hence fatigue,” shares the experience of another woman in labor.

Expectation: Breastfeeding is very simple

Surely, while you were waiting for the baby to be born, you looked at thousands of pictures of nursing mothers. They look so soft and natural… And you’re so glad you’re giving birth in the spring so you can take the baby to the park and start breastfeeding, just like them. You didn’t choose just a photographer to capture the touching picture.

Reality: “For incomprehensible reasons, the first 10 days I did not have breast milk. I fell into a deep depression, and things got worse after everyone I knew, after congratulating me on the baby, asked me the question: “Did your breast milk go away?”. I started to make excuses and I felt inferior. The milk came out on the 11th day, and on the 12th – terrible lactostasis. The baby was staring at my breast, which I pressed into his face. And there was no breastfeeding, no tender photo shoot. After that, a completely different life began.” says a young mother. /jenata.

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