The shortest and direct way to the heart of every zodiac sign

When you are head over heels in love with a man, you want the object of your desires to reciprocate your feelings as soon as possible. But the representatives of the stronger sex are not like us, they have a hard time revealing their feelings, and the path to their heart can be strewn with many obstacles.

Astrologers believe that each zodiac sign requires a special approach. Find out the characteristics of your partner so that you can build the perfect love relationship!

Aries (21.03-20.04)

The biggest problem with Aries is that they think they are stronger, smarter and faster than others.

What should you do with them? Wait patiently for life itself to prove them wrong. Ignore their charm or he will lose interest in you. Even if you are head over heels in love with him, stubbornly deny that you are.

The advice of astrologers: the physiological needs of Aries are not related in any way to their spiritual experiences. If you are not ready to fulfill all his wishes, then you better find another partner.

Taurus (21.04-21.05)

Their biggest problem is their unmanageable nature.

What to do about it: Be patient. Keep in mind that Taurus loves to make people suffer.

Astrologers’ advice: when it comes to love pleasures, Taurus is very lazy. But if you find the right approach to it, you can make it work!

Gemini (22.05-21.06)

Their biggest problem is the eternal pursuit of the ideal.

What to do about it: turn around and walk away. This is the only way you can make Gemini understand that you are the love they have been looking for all their lives.

The advice of astrologers: when you are together, do not forget to confirm your tender feelings with words.

Cancer (22.06-22.07)

The biggest problem with Cancers is that they are patient but silent! You should treat them very carefully as they treat you. Keep in mind that representatives of this zodiac sign do not like to show their feelings. Leave the caresses and kisses for a more intimate setting!

Astrologer’s tip: Cancers like to experiment in bed. You need to be ready for this, and the result will surprise you very pleasantly!

Leo (23.07-21.08)

The biggest problem of the representatives of this zodiac sign is that they do not tolerate criticism. For this reason, you will have to become a real diplomat who skillfully balances between violent emotions and regal restraint.

The advice of astrologers: it is better in bed not to hold back, but to strongly demonstrate your emotions.

Virgo (22.08-23.09)

Virgo’s biggest problem is painful purity. That’s why you need to keep an eye on cleanliness and order everywhere. When you praise a Virgo, you should be restrained, but without ceasing to show that you fully support her desire to make things better and better.

The advice of astrologers: to provoke the representatives of this sign to something unusual in bed should be gradual, skillfully playing with their striving for perfection.

Libra (24.09-23.10)

Libra’s biggest problem is that they live by their own rules. Therefore, you will have to show that you also have iron principles. Tell Libra that your rules are the best, and then gradually steer your relationship in the right direction.

Astrologers’ advice: whenever your partner doesn’t trust you, tell him you love him very much!

Scorpio (24.10-22.11)

Scorpio’s biggest problem is that he thinks he is not worthy of your love. You will have to tell him every day that he is the smartest, the most beautiful… In two words – that he is the best in the world!

The advice of astrologers: be flawless always, everywhere and in everything!

Sagittarius (23.11-22.12)

The big problem of Sagittarius is that they rely only on themselves. Therefore, do not forget to constantly show him how good he is. Only in this way will he understand that you appreciate his titanic efforts that he makes to be only with you.

The advice of astrologers: if you show tenderness and caress, Sagittarius will surprise you with his care.

Capricorn (23.12-20.01)

The main problem of Capricorns is their excessive secrecy. Therefore, you should take your relationship extremely seriously. Be ready for anything and even more. If you don’t need such a close relationship, you better go!

The advice of astrologers: to see Capricorn in all its glory, you need to gain its complete trust.

Aquarius (21.01-18.02)

Aquarians like to torture themselves and others. This is their biggest flaw. Express your displeasure violently. Show him that with his attitude towards life, he has pushed you to the edge and then he will try to make things right.

Astrologers’ advice: representatives of this zodiac sign will be over the moon if you praise them for positive changes.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)

The fish seem out of this world. With them, you should not go to extremes and you should be careful that everything is in measure. Be in harmony with yourself. Then the Pisces will feel good and easy with you.

The advice of astrologers: with the representatives of this zodiac sign, you should not start a relationship just for the sake of physical contact. This is how you will convince them that love does not exist! /jenata.

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