The change of weather also affects the soul. How to avoid anxiety, stress or depression from cold days?

Weather affects people’s lives. Some manage it better, for others it is more difficult. They are mainly affected by a smaller amount of light and a higher presence of cold.

illness, pain, headache, depression, sadness

The change in weather has a negative effect on our psyche.

This was pointed out by psychologist Michal Bača from the League for Mental Health (LDZ). According to him, one must consciously prepare for a change in weather.

“The lower amount of light is caused by the shortening of the days in autumn or is a result of cloudy weather – often a combination of both. Less light can exacerbate depressed or anxious moods. People who are predisposed to problems in the area of ​​depression or anxiety, or already have experience with disorders in these areas, may experience a worsening of the condition – and it is good if they prepare for it,” he concluded.

According to the psychologist, the cold is also unpleasant for most people. “We need to dress more, which reduces personal comfort, under the influence of the cold, many people’s immunity decreases, which causes more frequent illnesses, which in turn narrows our options and complicates life,” he pointed out.

According to him, during the period when there is less light and more cold, the activities that people like in summer are limited. According to Bač, it is necessary to realize what the change in weather brings and consciously prepare for it. He recommends movement in the fresh air even in cold weather. According to him, people should try to get out into the sun during the day. “Go to nature on the weekend, leave the housework for the dark part of the day,” he said.

When it gets dark, according to him, people should light up their interior. He advises people not to stop their favorite sport because of the weather. “If you can’t do sports outside, then move indoors,” he added.

He recommends also thinking about hardening as part of prevention. “Consciously expose yourself to the cold and help the immune system adapt to the cold,” he noted. It is also beneficial not to remain alone, but to seek the company of loved ones. According to him, people should also actively look for cultural activities. “The inner attitude is absolutely key – how we feel may not be a consequence of the weather outside the windows, but of how we ourselves decide,” he added.

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