Tea and coffee – they are miracles that we unfairly underestimate…

Caffeinated drinks are unfairly demonised, believes dietitian Carrie Ruxton.

Tea and coffee - they are miracles that wrongly...

Tea and coffee – they are miracles that we unfairly underestimate…

According to her, tea has an exceptional health benefit. Even coffee and hot chocolate, which all contain caffeine, are, according to her, very beneficial for increasing alertness, freshness and improving short-term memory.

Dr. Ruxton reviewed 47 different scientific studies and concluded that approximately 400 milligrams of caffeine per day provides the body with benefits in the form of improved mental health and heart function.

“Regular tea drinking contributes to a reduction in mortality, a lower risk of heart attack and a reduction in cholesterol,” the nutritionist told Express magazine.

“People who deliberately eliminate caffeinated beverages from their diet should think about the positives they bring to their lives and health,” she said. She even surprised with the opinion that tea and coffee are also suitable for children. “Maybe even better than juice,” Marie Claire magazine quoted the doctor as saying.

Whether Dr. Ruxton is right is certainly up for debate, and her theories would be met with as many supporters as detractors. However, it is certain that the benefits of tea have been known for years. Read below for at least some of the reasons why you should treat yourself to a cup of tea every day.

  • according to a study from New Scientist magazine, green tea helps prevent several types of cancer. Prevents prostate, liver and breast cancer.
    • there are assumptions that drinking black and green tea helps in the fight against diabetes.
    • concentration and mental alertness are supported by the amino acid L-theanine, which is found exclusively in tea plants
    • reduces stress. According to a study by the University of London, after a stressful stressful situation, the body of regular tea drinkers copes with the increased level of the hormone cortisol much better than in other people.
    • eliminates bad breath. Polyphenols contained in teas fight against bacteria that cause unpleasant odor in the oral cavity.
    • tea strengthens the immune system

Text: lp, for Žena.Pravda.sk, with the help of Wikipedia and Marie Claire

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