Survey: See how old you’ll look like your mom

Many women are probably horrified at the thought of looking like their mothers. Some even hoped it would never happen to them. However, a new British study reveals that the transformation is inevitable and occurs at the age of 33.

More than half of the women surveyed (52 percent) said that once they hit their 30s, they stopped rebelling against their mothers and started imitating them instead. Most of them indicated that the age at which they became copies of the women who gave birth to them was 33, writes the Daily Star.

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36% of the women surveyed said they noticed similarities with their mothers when they themselves had their first child.

A sign that they have started to become their parents for 16% of the participants in the survey is liking the same TV programs and soap operas.

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11% of women do not hide that they are horrified to hear themselves repeat like parrots the sayings they once heard from their mothers.

The picture for men is similar. The representatives of the stronger sex look like their fathers at the age of 34. Like women, for most representatives of the stronger sex, the transformation occurs when they become parents.

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The survey was carried out by Dr Julian de Silva from a facial cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Hammersmith, London, among 2,000 women and men./ jenata.

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