Royal Family sensational news: All signs are there! Kate Middleton is…

It’s not even three months since Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William became parents for the third time, and the press across the ocean is already buzzing that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a fourth baby. A source close to the family has told the American magazine “Life And Style” that it is very likely that the couple will have a fourth heir in the near future.

According to him, all the signs that Kate is pregnant are there. The duchess is putting on weight and has once again started filling her wardrobe with loose-fitting dresses. In addition, Middleton has given up alcohol, constantly adds curry to her food, eats lavender sweets against toxicosis and a number of other things that she did during her previous three pregnancies.

Kate is also said to be very keen to have another baby girl. William dreams of five children, but his wife firmly believes that the fourth will be the last,” the source said.

It should be clarified that the news of “Life And Style” has not been confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

We remind you that the Dukes of Cambridge are raising three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Kate Middleton herself has said countless times that her family comes first./jenata.

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