Quarrel with a man: what 4 rules should a girl follow during her

Quarrels and conflicts are an integral part of the relationship between any man and woman. Even in the happiest couple there can be misunderstandings, scandals, disputes.

  • Don’t be in front of people
  • Don’t threaten to videotape everything
  • Don’t tease each other
  • Don’t remember past conflicts

Another question is that some partners break up due to conflicts that occur between them, and some lovers stay together even after high-profile scandals.

What is the secret of couples belonging to the last category? In fact, there is no secret. They stay together because they follow a few rules of behavior during quarrels.

Don’t be in front of people

Partners should swear only if there is no one around them. If there are people nearby, then it is better to postpone the showdown.

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This must be done, because others will certainly begin to gossip, spread rumors, which will have a bad effect on the union of a man and a woman. And it will hardly be pleasant to catch the curious glances of strangers.

Don’t threaten to videotape everything

In the era of gadgets, people often resort to such threats. They tell the chosen one that they will film everything on video, so that later they can show him how he looks from the outside.

But you should not take an example from them. This is low, and the partner who was about to shoot hardly looks good in an annoyed state.

Don’t tease each other

When it becomes clear that conflict is inevitable, then the man and woman need to try to return to a balanced state as quickly as possible.

You should not provoke each other, turn on, saying something that the partner will definitely not be pleased with. This is the only way to get out of the conflict with minimal consequences.

Don’t remember past conflicts

The subject of heated discussion should be what just happened. There is no need to point out the mistakes of the past to each other, to remember in a fit of anger who and when did something terrible.

This will not only not resolve the conflict, but also aggravate it. Disputes, conflicts that will pile up on each other will completely confuse partners, deprive them of all chances to improve relations.

If the partners follow these recommendations, they will be able to avoid the destructive consequences of conflicts. This will help them maintain relationships, remain close people, and not turn into enemies who want to destroy each other.

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