Pregnant Preslava heated up passions with this PHOTO from her bedroom

The pregnant singer Preslava heated up the passions. Today the singer celebrates her birthday.

She received a unique gift from her friend Pavel. And shortly after, he heated up the passions by publishing a rather interesting photo from his bed.

Preslava will spend the holiday in a close circle, in the arms of her lover – businessman Pavel Lazarov. He delighted her in the morning with 34 balloons with the inscription “Happy Birthday” and a huge bouquet.

“A real man has a fastidious wife!” Thank you, love,” Pressy wrote on social media.

The two have stayed away from the watchful eye of the paparazzi for the past month and have taken a well-deserved vacation on pristine beaches along their native Black Sea coast and in Greece. Before that, the couple exchanged the comfort of home for a long period of time with tents in the mountains.

They shiver in anticipation and officially become a family. The “Back in the Game” singer has already prepared the nursery for her first heir.

The baby, rumored to be a boy, is due in late August. Relatives of the minion from Dobrich released the gender of the child. Most likely, Preslava will name the child after her father – Kolyo, and for now she has settled on the name Niko.

The ‘Painer’ star has long been speculated to be pregnant, with speculation ramping up shortly before she officially admitted after her more observant fans noticed her bulging belly. Then the beautiful brunette brushed off the allegations with the excuse that she feels happy and relaxed with her lover and therefore eats more.

Preslava and Pavel made their debut as a couple in October at the opening party of a capital boutique. However, the singer’s relationship with Lazarov, who divorced his pregnant wife in the past because of playmate Zlatka Raykova, has been talked about since the beginning of last summer.

Meanwhile, it became clear that Milko Kalaijev dedicated his new song to the birthday of his most successful discovery – the folk diva Preslava.

The song is called “You’re My Top” and the “naughty mustache” of pop-folk specifically waited until the charming singer turned 34 to premiere her current project. The reason – Kalaidzhiev shares some of his best professional memories with her, and in this way he sends his greetings to the birthday girl.

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