Oh, the body! Get ready for bikini season

You still have time to work on your curves!

Oh, the body!  Get ready for bikini season

Oh, the body! Get ready for bikini season

Starting to actively work on your figure two months before the start of bikini season is not an ideal time, but it can be managed. Embrace your curves with determination so your efforts don’t go to waste. Help yourself with these rules:

1. You can also go for sports in the morning, it is ideal for the body. Already half an hour after waking up, the blood circulation is “started”, so start exercising!

2. A full stomach is the enemy of sports. Think about it every time you want to choose to do sports right after a rich breakfast or lunch. After the main meal, give your body at least an hour and a half to lose it, so that you can then start sweating. Before training, it is good to treat yourself to a cup of green tea, not only will it “energize” you, but the body will flush out more harmful substances from the body by sweating.

3. Since the next two months will be quite intense for you in terms of sports, find a stable time for training and stick to it. You should consider when physical activity is best for you, when it gives you the most energy and when you can get the most out of sports.

4. Don’t forget the right clothes, always adapt them to the weather or the focus of the training. in addition, new pieces of sports wardrobe can also positively motivate you to do regular sports.

5. During training, do not forget about the drinking regime, which should consist of clean water. Drink whenever you feel thirsty, but don’t spill water unnecessarily.

6. If you have to push yourself for a sport, try to choose another one. If you want to achieve visible results, you should enjoy training. It is good if you find someone who will exercise and strive for results together with you. You will encourage and push each other forward.

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