Know the truth about vitamins!

“Age is just a state of mind… and of course vitamins. You don’t have to be perfect, it’s enough if you try to do everything perfectly,” says Zora Ochodnická.

Apple cider vinegar is said to banish all ailments

Know the truth about vitamins!

A woman of many professions, but best known as a sports trainer, she not only knows how to be healthy and look young, but that’s exactly how it is in her case. It would be unnecessary for me to state the age of this energetic lady, it is both unbelievable and inappropriate. And Zora Ochodnicka’s recipe? “After many years of searching for what I would enjoy the most, I got my hands on the book Callanetics – American exercise. She immediately contacted me and I started practicing with my first clientele. Years later, I started to change the exercise to make it better suited not only to me, but also to others. I traveled to several countries, visited exercise centers and finally put together a program called Efekt, which was approved by the primary care orthopedics doctor, a female doctor, and prominent athletes such as Roman Volák and Jaroslav Horváth tried it themselves.”

Vitamins without preservatives
She goes with her clients to the Makarska Riviera to practice Salsa, organizes sports-relaxation weekends with various dance lessons, and in her Zora studio in Košice, as a trained trainer, she uses special technology for weight loss. In addition to exercise, a suitable diet is also necessary, and the expert for a healthy body and a healthy spirit especially relies on vitamins without preservatives, dyes or even without sugar. After carefully checking the products that passed through her hands, she finally found something allegedly revolutionary: “Our multivitamin energy contains a daily dose of everything the body needs. For me, the most important thing is that these vitamins do not contain any sugar or added carbohydrates, because my clients who are losing weight would not be able to take them otherwise. Due to the purity of this product, they can also be used by allergy sufferers and diabetics after consulting their doctor or pharmacist.”

One apple a day is not enough
In today’s world full of preservatives, artificial dyes and various other additives that harm the body, according to Zora Ochodnicka, we can’t get enough of one apple a day. “We need a daily balanced dose of a whole range of vitamins and minerals, without which the body will not function, just like a car without good oil. And you should also know that vitamins are not addictive substances, but nutritional supplements. My favorite vitamin besides the standard energy multivitamin is Niacin. It is the most intelligent vitamin, and that is because it is detoxifying and especially deradiating – that means it activates toxins-poisons and radiation in the body and expels them. That’s why people get younger, and which of us wouldn’t want to look as young as possible for as long as possible? All useful advice regarding vitamins, as well as testimonials from some of our clients, can also be found on the website,” adds the well-known trainer from TV Super tela.

Text: Monika Schönová for Ž

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