If you can’t get pregnant, give him vitamins

Maybe his spermiogram is not quite right, which is hindering your desire for a joint offspring for now.

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If you can’t get pregnant, give him vitamins

The cause of a bad spermiogram can be, for example, a disorder called oligozoospermia (low number of sperm in 1 ml of ejaculate), teratozoospermia (reduced proportion of normal-shaped sperm) or asthenozoospermia (less than 50% motile sperm).

It is said that vitamins also help to improve the spermiogram. Do you know what kind?
– Zinc – an excellent antioxidant. However, in addition, it improves the density of the ejaculate, the speed of the sperm and increases the value of testosterone, which is a great helper in sperm maturation
– Vitamin E helps the sperm to fertilize the egg
– Selenium, improves sperm motility
– Coenzyme Q10 increases the number of male sex cells, helps their mobility and, of course, participates in the rapid fusion with the egg
– L-carnitine makes sperm more mobile and their number increases
– L-arganine is an important amino acid which, when used regularly, also has a very beneficial effect on sperm motility and number
– Folic acid helps in cell division and has a positive effect on the quality of the ejaculate
– Vitamin A. The lack of this important vitamin results in sperm formation disorders and thus problems with pregnancy.

Do not forget that not only the lack of vitamins will not benefit his sperm, but also:
– Sedentary occupation
– Hot water (especially above 38°C)
– Smoking and alcohol
– Briefs and tight jeans (so-called boxers are more suitable)

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