Huge Princess Charlotte secret leaked PHOTOS

The secrets associated with the British royal family seem to have no end. Some time ago from jenata. we sorted it out an interesting detail about Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

However, now from jenata. we came across another tidbit related to the royal children.

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Next week, four-year-old Princess Charlotte will start living like most schoolchildren around the world. She will put on a new uniform, grab her backpack, smile for the cameras (which follow her every step) and go to school for the first time.

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But it is here that the big secret related to little Charlotte lies.

What’s more, at the heart of it is not just anyone, but her older brother Prince George.

Some time ago from jenata. we revealed to you that Charlotte and George will study together at Thomas Battersea School.

A Buckingham Palace source revealed that the little princess can’t wait to visit her daddy and spend more time with him.

“Looking forward to it. She can’t wait to be with George at the same school. She’s very excited,” the royal source shared.

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George, who has been at school for two years, will help his sister adapt quickly to the new place.

What’s more, according to people in the royal family, the brother and sister get along great and enjoy spending time alone (as much as royals can).

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“They have a small age gap and spend a lot of time together. They don’t always get to play with other kids, so they’re used to relying mainly on each other,” the Buckingham Palace source added.

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George himself is not at all disappointed by the fact that his summer vacation is coming to an end. At school, where he is simply known as George of Cambridge, he is “very happy”.

George, by the way, is particularly keen on ballet lessons, which he has taken since he was a year old, and luckily they are also taught at his school. / jenata.

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