Carrie received a dire prediction from an astrologer, and then a miracle happened

Even when she was young, Karina decided to go to an astrologer and see what he would tell her about her future.

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The words she heard about her future were, to say the least, scary in her eyes. It turns out that the specialist told her that she would not be able to have children, and the reasons were medical.

These words were a real sentence for the girl who dreamed of a big and beautiful family.

It’s unbelievable what happened a few years later, and how.

“Since I was 7 years old, I wanted to have a big family. I have a brother who is 7 years younger than me. Even then I took him to school and took care of him. We created a very strong emotional bond.” She admits.

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Carrie says that she was always impatient for the moment when she would have her own family and admits that she even wanted to have at least 10 children/

Already in school, she became interested in yoga and astrology. At that time, a very good astrologer of impeccable reputation lived near her. She was visited by businessmen and politicians who always relied on her predictions.

The girl decided to make an appointment for which she had been waiting for months. She visited him together with her partner, and all aspects of life were discussed at the consultation.

“The astrologer warned me that I would have difficulty conceiving and it would be based on health reasons. According to her, I suffered from an illness that could affect my reproductive abilities.” Carrie narrates.

I accepted the impossibility of having children as an axiom and lived with this thought – when I get married, I will adopt a child, I told myself.

However, fate decided otherwise

Years passed and my life was boiling over. When I started dating my husband, I explained the situation to him and told him that there was a huge possibility that we would not have a child. We were about to get married, so we were no longer using contraceptives. Then the first miracle happened. The pregnancy came a week later, and at the wedding I already had a small belly.

It was a great joy for us. We had no idea that something like this could happen, let alone so early. I had my first child at 28.

The next baby was born a year and a half later. The first was only 6 months old. After a year and a half I was already waiting for the third. Then we decided to be careful, but despite our efforts, a fourth child knocked on our neck.

When the fifth child was born, we were already laughing that just by my husband looking at me, I was already pregnant. The whole family is already joking about it. Contrary to predictions, I had no difficulties with conception, nor with childbirth and children.

My children are healthy and everything is fine.

As a 34-year-old mother of many, I decided to consult another astrologer out of curiosity. The other astrologer, without knowing anything about me, said that I am predisposed to be a mother and will have many children, at least 3.

Many people tend to believe the predictions of astrologers and such a mistake I made. Fate gave me a huge gift and my biggest dream came true – to have a big and healthy family./jenata.

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