Beautiful phrases of a man who should alert

Every lady dreams of a man being a romantic. A romantic young man will compliment his beloved, will say pleasant words to her.

  • Believe you are the best
  • I can not live without you
  • Everyone only wants money, but you are an exception
  • My mom is a gold man
  • I’m already jealous of you

Any woman will melt from this.

But a lady should not buy into all the compliments. Some of them should alert the girl, make her think about what her companion is hiding. What are these compliments and phrases? There are several of them.

Believe you are the best

The girl will be pleased to hear it. But she should know that a man who says such words, with a very high probability, had a huge number of partners.

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He has someone to compare the current chosen one with. By the way, it may not be his last. Soon the guy can find someone who is even better, leave the lady.

I can not live without you

Unhealthy love is worse than no love. Such phrases are scattered by men who have become victims of love addiction.

If you have to part with such a partner, then it will be very difficult to do this. This man will hold the lady in all possible ways, will arouse pity for himself, blackmail the chosen one.

Everyone only wants money, but you are an exception

From this phrase it can be understood that the young man is greedy. Having heard such words from a guy, the lady should understand that she will always have to pay for herself.

Even after marriage, such a man will not give her part of the salary, will not share the money.

My mom is a gold man

Another man can add that his mother will certainly like the girl. These words are scattered by sissies.

A lady should understand that such a man will always consult with his mother, will always listen to her opinion, will do what she says. His wife will always come second. He will not always take into account her opinion.

I’m already jealous of you

Deep down, every lady wants to be jealous, but in moderation. If a guy admits that he is jealous of the chosen one, although she did not give a reason, then this indicates that he is a pathological jealous.

And it will be difficult to live with such a guy: he will not let the girl do anything, decide on her own, will not let her go out with her friends. He will always control her.

The young man should be looked at, listened to. This will allow the lady to notice some traits of his character, to understand whether she is ready to put up with them or not. So she will avoid rash acts, decision-making in a hurry and disappointments in family life.

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