An expert spoke about a delicate problem during sex, it happens to almost everyone

The urge to urinate during sex is absolutely normal. It pays to relax and go instead of squeezing during intimate caresses with your partner.

If you don’t ease up, no wonder you just don’t enjoy the experience as much.

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This desire arises from arousal in women. Then the gonads and clitoris enlarge. In this way, however, the urethra is blocked, preventing urine from escaping.

According to sexologist Olga Vasilenko, the probability of peeing during sex is possible in several specific situations. With some of them, it is good to pay attention and seek a doctor.

Urinary diseases

Due to some urological diseases, your partner may urinate during sex. It is necessary to visit a specialist to determine the exact cause.

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You are not aroused enough

It’s a good idea to spend more time on the caresses before the real part, because that way it’s much harder to reach orgasm.

Weak pelvic floor muscles

Yes, they are also involved in the process of urine retention. After pregnancy or childbirth, many women have much weaker muscles in this area, and during sex these women begin to urinate.

If discharge during intercourse becomes regular, then you better go to your gynecologist. Women who have not yet had children can also have weak muscles.

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An inborn characteristic of the body

There are women (about 5% of women) who experience orgasm with urination. It’s always been that way, and the likelihood of that changing is pretty slim. Such women have such a strong orgasm that they simply cannot control themselves. A sexologist can come to help in such a situation./jenata.

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