Alison was rushed to hospital with kidney stones, but when she was seen on an ultrasound, the shocking truth dawned that… (PHOTOS)

A 22-year-old American woman was rushed to the hospital with acute stomach pains, and after a few hours she became a mother.

Alison Opfer of Ohio State felt severe pain and called an ambulance. The team that arrived on the spot examined her. The doctor decided that the young girl had kidney stones and took her to the nearest hospital. There, they quickly examined her on an ultrasound machine, but they could not find the stones. However, it became clear that Alison was very far along in her pregnancy and her contractions had already started.

The news that she was going to be a mother came to Alison like a bolt from the blue. The young woman had an irregular cycle, and she explained the weight gain in recent months by improper nutrition and the sedentary lifestyle she leads.

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The American even took a pregnancy test, but it was negative.

At the hospital, Opfer’s blood pressure skyrocketed. The doctors found that she had pre-eclampsia – an attack in which the blood rises so high that it threatens the life of both the mother and the child.

“They told me that if I had called the Emergency Service a little later, I might not be alive,” admits the American.

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The doctors decided to perform an emergency caesarean section on her.

Half an hour later her baby boy Oliver was born.

According to Dr Cairin Dunston, cases like Alison’s are quite common.

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“It all depends on the structure of the bones of the body: the pelvis and the chest can be shaped in such a way that the uterus grows and it goes unnoticed,” she explains. /jenata.

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