A woman divorced after 20 years of marriage because of a call from a stranger

The story of a woman who divorced after 20 years of marriage because of one phone call literally blew up the Internet. The post with her sad story keeps getting shared on the social network.

The woman does not hide that, in general, her marriage was not rosy and she and her husband often had scandals. But the way she realized that there is no point in living with him under the same roof anymore and it’s high time to put an end to everything is quite humiliating.

“My husband and I have been together for almost 20 years. We met as students, studied together, tried to build a relationship. Things turned out differently, but that was quite understandable – we were still young and had no experience.

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Of course, all these years a lot happened – sometimes we fought, sometimes we didn’t even talk for days,” she wrote.

“My husband has a difficult character and if he doesn’t like something, he won’t shut up. He is quite a strict person and is used to commanding at work. Unfortunately, he carries these habits at home as well.

It is already difficult for him to readjust. But I am not his subordinate so that he can raise his voice and insult me ​​with various epithets.

He likes to travel with friends. And to do sports. Every Sunday evening he goes to play with friends. “Don’t wait for me, I’ll be home late. I need to move around a bit because when I’m at work I can’t do it,” he tells me and closes the door behind him.

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Of course, our relationship now is very far from what it was at the beginning. After all, the 20 years of living together take their toll,” she notes sadly.

“When you are together for so long, you can get tired both physically and mentally. Especially when there is no good compatibility between you and your interests are completely different.

I’m a homebody. I like to cook, sew and do my own things. And he strives to be outside more and more often – either for work or for something else. It turns out that we see each other very rarely. This has become particularly noticeable in recent years,” says the injured woman.

“The home phone rang recently. I heard a pleasant female voice on the other side.

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At first she was silent, but then she said decisively: “I am a former employee of your husband. He was my boss and we had a close relationship. However, a month ago I had to leave because a girl came to us, who turned out to be his new girlfriend.

I want you to be aware of your husband’s relationship. I found your phone number in the directory and decided to call you. The interesting thing is that they meet in the place where he used to take me – in a small hotel. I’m sure the room is the same. His favorite, who corresponds to the years he has lived”.

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The stranger gave me the address and hung up.

I held the receiver for a long time… Then I turned and entered the living room. It was Sunday evening and my husband was still voting for volleyball. “I’ll be home late,” he said as always.

He was standing in front of the mirror shaving. For several years he did it not only in the morning, but also in the evening. Then he went out.

I also got ready to go out. I had to visit the hotel, there was no point in delaying it.

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His car was parked near the hotel. When I knocked on the door of the room, I heard footsteps and then my husband’s confident voice: “You brought the order? How fast, not even 5 minutes have passed!”.

The door opened and I saw my husband’s wide eyes. In the middle of the room was a table. And on the couch was an attractive young woman looking out the window. She slowly turned her head towards me.

“Where’s the order?” the girl asked.

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“You won’t need it. I’m his wife and I came to watch him play, but the way I see it, he probably won’t today. So you can go,” I replied.

The unknown beauty asked my husband if all this was true. After receiving an affirmative answer, she looked at him in surprise and went outside.

And he… He continued to stand as though he had been embalmed.

I asked him why he was silent.

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“What can I tell you? I’m filing for divorce. But let me just tell you that I’m not just going to give you the apartment,” he replied.

I turned and left. My husband stayed in the room.

That was the end of our life together. 20 years is an awfully long time,” the wounded woman concludes her confession. /jenata.

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