8 Signs He’s Just Using You

Every girl has had at least one boyfriend who she just wasted her time with. He had no feelings for her, but he lied to her skillfully with nice words. And when he got everything he wanted, he just walked away.

Unfortunately, there are many such men in the world. They will waste your time to get what they want. But your time is very valuable. Your love too. Such people do not care about you, so you will have to expose them yourself. This is how:

He keeps complimenting you

The truth is, she’s just flattering you to boost your self-esteem, because when you’re confident in yourself, you won’t notice the warning signs. It is possible that he wants to distract you with too many compliments.

He only calls you late at night

And he does it for one reason only – to have sex with you. If he really liked you, he would want to hang out with you the rest of the time.

You don’t go on dates

If your dates are limited to staying at home and he keeps finding reasons not to take you out, he probably doesn’t want people to think you’re a couple.

You don’t know his friends

Usually, when two people meet, they gradually get to know each other’s lives. And if it is too early to meet parents, it happens almost immediately with friends. If he hides you from his acquaintances, he certainly does not take your relationship seriously.

Talk a little about yourself

What do you even know about him? If he doesn’t share personal details with you, then he doesn’t want to get emotionally close. This means only one thing – that he is not planning anything serious with you.

He hides his phone

He certainly communicates with other girls and their conversations are not harmless. Otherwise, why is he hiding his phone from you? There’s something in there that you shouldn’t know about!

You only meet when it’s convenient for him

You only meet when he’s free and he expects you to accommodate his schedule. He’s probably too busy with other people or doesn’t want to plan anything in advance, just like he doesn’t plan on you staying in his life for too long.

Gives you evasive answers

Can’t explain why he hasn’t answered your calls or messages for a long time? Or where was he at the weekend? You probably won’t like his honest answers, and he’s fully aware of that. /jenata.

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