7 golden rules during festive feasting

You don’t have to overeat yourself during the upcoming holidays.

Slovak Christmas is traditional, money for it...

7 golden rules during festive feasting

1. Save calories at breakfast and lunch. Treat yourself to light and low-calorie meals so that you can eat more than usual in the evening during dinner or at a Christmas party with friends. It is naturally expected during the holidays…

2. During the holidays, move, don’t sit in front of the TV all the time. For example, go to the ice rink or take a sledding or bowling lesson. The movement will start the metabolism and the organism will not have to struggle slowly and protractedly with food reserves in your stomach.

3. During a rich dinner, talk, eat slowly, enjoy every bite. This way you give your body a chance to digest at least somehow and you won’t feel sick.

4. There should be plenty of fruit, oranges, apples, tangerines or pineapples on the table. If they are always at hand, you can have a healthy snack during a long evening. Instead of putting various sweets or fried foods on your plate at night, peel an orange.

5. Drink plenty of fluids with meals, such as fresh grapefruit juice, to aid digestion.

6. Swap heavy butter cakes and desserts for softer fruit and yogurt desserts.

7. After a day of overeating, treat yourself to at least a small fast, get your body in shape not only with exercise, but also with light meals, enough tea that detoxifies the body, fruits and vegetables.

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