6 types of sex in a toxic relationship

We have already talked a lot about relationships, especially toxic ones. They literally penetrate and affect the personal life of each couple, but not only in it.

From jenata. we already revealed it to you what are the seven times in a relationship when it’s better to just lie to your partner. We also shared with you the easiest way to find out that your partner is cheating on you while traveling.

It turns out that toxic relationships can also affect the sex life of two people. And how exactly we will reveal to you in the following lines. In this way, you will know very well whether your relationship with your partner is already doomed to collapse.

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Sex when you’re not in the mood

In a healthy relationship, people can easily say “no” and not be intimate with their partner at some point, simply because they don’t feel like having sex. He, for his part, understands them, does not force them, reproaches and compares them with his previous relationships. He should not accept your body as a kind of commodity and make you feel bad because at some point you do not want to be intimate.

If you don’t want to have sex, just don’t. Look for someone who won’t drain you emotionally because you’re not in the mood for a sex marathon every day.

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Sex that doesn’t give you pleasure

If only one of you is enjoying sex, then something is wrong. Neither of you needs to be a victim and not feel comfortable and fall short of pleasure.

Such sacrifices are not appreciated, and sooner or later you and your body will want theirs. Everyone has needs and wants. It’s important to be able to have an honest and open conversation with your significant other and be able to tell them what’s bothering you to see if you can resolve this issue.

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Sex where you feel emotionally insecure

Respect and communication are very important. If you don’t like douching, handcuffs or anal sex, no one has the right to force you to do such a thing. Everything must be voluntary and this is one of the most important principles in these intimate moments.

When you begin to perceive your partner as a threat, whether the rudeness is moral or physical, your relationship can hardly be called healthy.

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Sex that hurts

There are many reasons why a woman can feel discomfort during sex – from health problems, because of her physiology to the most banal skin irritation. However, if you feel pain during the intimate act, it is good to stop immediately. Don’t force yourself to move on and don’t blame yourself for letting your significant other down. After all, there is always another way to please him. If you are the right person, he will understand you instead of making a scandal out of it. The two of you will sit down later and come up with a solution to the problem.

Women of these signs are born to be lovers!

Sex that makes you feel ashamed of your body

This is not about your own complexes, but about ridiculous comments from your partner about your appearance. A person who criticizes your body – the size of your breasts, pelvis, butt or whatever – does not deserve to see you naked.

Sex evokes many emotions, but there should be no shame among them. Even if you haven’t learned to love your body yet, that doesn’t mean you have to let someone else disrespect it.

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Sex where you feel physically threatened

If you want a man to put on a condom, he just has to do it. No whining, no excuses and no haggling. Health is the most important argument you should have, and the excuse “I’m not so good with it” should not apply in this case. Safe sex is the most important thing. If you’re already thinking about children and have been together for a long time, you might discuss the alternative of forgetting about rubber bands./jenata.

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