6 things a man is silent about if he has no plans for a woman

Of course, it is foolish to expect that from the first day of a relationship a man will tell all his secrets and begin to build far-reaching plans.

  • Your true feelings
  • Plans for the long term
  • Birth of children
  • Finance and career
  • The life of his close relatives
  • Health

But when the connection has been going on for a decent amount of time, and the gentleman still remains a mysterious and enigmatic prince, then it’s time to think about: is he playing at love?

Here are 6 things that a gentleman will not discuss with his partner if he does not see her as a life partner.

Your true feelings

He simply does not see the need to discuss his experiences, sympathies and aspirations with a woman. For him, a partner is just a temporary person with whom it may be nice to spend some time, but not go hand in hand to the grave.

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Plans for the long term

The maximum that the gentleman can say in this case is about a joint trip to the cinema or the next romantic evening. But he will not talk about his vision of the distant future, in which, most likely, the current partner will no longer be with him. That is why he does not consider it necessary to talk about his ideas, goals and plans.

Birth of children

It should be recognized that both men and women do not always approach this issue responsibly and in serious relationships. What can we say about when the gentleman is not aimed at creating a family and does not consider his partner either as a friend of life or as the mother of his children. Most likely, he will simply declare that he is not ready for the birth of offspring or will simply avoid talking on this topic.

Finance and career

At this point, too, everything is very clear. There is no joint budget, there are no far-reaching plans either, and joint nights of love are not a reason for a man to devote his partner to these things. Yes, he can spend some of his money on the whims of the current chosen one, but nothing more.

The life of his close relatives

He understands that getting to know relatives is a serious step and a kind of recognition that there are serious views on a woman. And if the partner is just a friend for spending joint leisure time, then there will be no detailed stories about the family, no trips to visit his parents, especially the lady’s parents.


We are talking about serious health problems, and not about banal colds. The state of health is an intimate thing that will be shared only with really close people.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that, not seeing a future wife in a woman, a man does not see the need to share information with her about problems in this area.

Faced with such behavior of a man, each young lady has the right to choose for herself how she should act. This does not mean at all that you should immediately break off relations and go in search of a new love.

In the end, the woman herself may not be ready to create a family union. But in any case, placing all the accents by talking with a partner will be the right decision.

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