5 women’s tricks to cause melancholy in men

Many argue that distance is the best way to test relationships and strengthen them. But, only in films when separated, men go crazy with longing and cannot find a place for themselves.

  • You need to post a joint photo on social networks
  • Need an anchor
  • Remind yourself
  • Praise more
  • Use understatement

In real life, everything turns out differently, because men begin their own lives, they fulfill their plans, and there is no room for longing.

However, there are 5 tricks that will help to cause a feeling of longing in any man.

You need to post a joint photo on social networks

Each couple has photos that they really like, but they did not hit the net. After a forced breakup, why not post this photo, after making a romantic caption? The main thing is that the man sees this photo for sure.

  5 women's tricks to cause melancholy in men

Looking at a beautiful photo, any man will begin to restore the image of his beloved from memory. Thoughts about a speedy meeting will arise in his head, and he will simply understand that we are talking about a serious relationship. This is one of the simplest yet effective ways.

Need an anchor

For a man to miss his beloved, you need to leave positive memories of yourself.

Psychologists strongly do not recommend quarreling immediately before parting. The last moments are the most memorable. Therefore, forming a negative parting, you can only complicate life.

Smart women know to form an association and remember a few interesting facts. And even better, if you plan an interesting trip before leaving, which a man has been dreaming about for a long time. In this case, he will wait for the meeting and count the days.

Remind yourself

Should surprises be done only by a man? For some reason, a stereotype has developed in society that a man should constantly make gifts, surprises and surprise his chosen one. This is not quite the right approach.

To maintain emotional intimacy, every woman should also make surprises. For example, why not put a chocolate bar and a note in his bag?

Such an insignificant action can definitely cause positive emotions in a man. And most importantly, he will understand that in a relationship there is love and complete understanding.

Praise more

The worst thing that can happen during separation is a serious quarrel.

To avoid negativity, it is enough to compliment men. Not many women understand, but men are very fond of compliments, they are just not always ready to admit it.

Hearing a few warm words addressed to him, any man will look at what is happening in a completely different way.

As a rule, men react coolly to compliments addressed to them, but they remember everything, they just create the appearance of their own masculinity.

Use understatement

If a man cannot get all the attention, he has an additional interest. It is enough to occasionally “forget” to answer messages or phone calls. This technique will help to attract additional attention to your person.

The main thing is not to overdo it. A man should feel his own importance. This technique is effective, but dangerous, because a scandal may arise.

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