3 myths about cheating: everyone believes in them in vain

Cheating is what spoils relationships, what kills trust in them. Not a single girl wants to go through it, experience for herself what it is when a partner is not faithful.

  • The man needs to walk
  • Men cheat more than girls
  • Blame the one who was cheated

She can share her fears, she can seek support from someone close to her. She will listen to various advice regarding relationships, will take part in conversations. In a word, she will learn everything about infidelity, she will draw information on how to prevent it.

Such conversations can be beneficial, but the young lady should remember that they should definitely not be believed. The fact is that in the process of them, myths about treason are voiced, which were not even close to reality.

The man needs to walk

Only then will he be ready for a serious relationship. In fact, the concept of “working up” does not exist at all. If a man is inclined to start endless novels, then he will always do this.

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He will not be stopped even by the presence of a permanent partner, family. In a fundamental way, he will never be able to change, he will not be able to leave old habits.

Men cheat more than girls

There is an opinion that they even aspire to do it. This is a delusion. Women’s and men’s infidelity are different from each other. Emotions are not important to a man in a novel on the side, but the lady hunts for them.

And the fair sex will be less talkative if she starts to change. She will not share her “exploits” with her friends, she will not brag about the fact that she is not faithful.

Blame the one who was cheated

A person can be accused of allowing himself to be deceived, that he gave rise to treason. You can often hear that the second half forced you to go to the side. During such conversations, the deceived partner may decide that he is really to blame, although this will not stand next to the truth.

It should be remembered that the one who decided to marry, took responsibility, obligations. The latter must be carried out. If he does not do this, does not remain faithful, then the responsibility for this lies only with him.

These statements should not be believed. They are only myths, they do not characterize treason correctly, they have nothing to do with it.

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