Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at Moscow City: Mayor Sobyanin made a statement

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian capital using drones.

In particular, unmanned aerial vehicles hit the Moscow City complex.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin informed about this in his telegram channel.

Slightly damaged facades on two City office towers, the mayor wrote.

Photo: screenshot

No one was killed or injured in the incident, he said.

Later, the TASS agency, citing emergency services, reported that a security guard had been injured in the Oko-2 tower.

Earlier, TASS wrote about an explosion that thundered in a 50-story building in the IQ-quarter (Moscow center).

Some publications reported that a UAV crashed into the tower at the level of 6-7 floors.

As a result, the glazing was “broken” in the building, and everyone who was there was evacuated.

According to the Department of Transport, traffic was blocked on Testovskaya Street in the Moscow City area.

Russian media report that two more drones were shot down by air defense systems in the Moscow region.

There was also information that flights were temporarily banned in the air zone of the capital region, and Vnukovo airport was closed for departure and arrival.

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