SK: Lida pedophile seduced the daughters of his cohabitants for 15 years

From the materials of the case of the Investigative Committee it follows that the elderly Lida pedophile was sentenced by the court to 18 years in prison for more than 50 episodes of his criminal activity.

For 15 years, a man committed indecent acts against the daughters of his cohabitants: from 2007 to 2022.

Investigators managed to establish that the man forced the daughters of cohabitants into adult relationships, and the girls’ girlfriends and relatives became his victims.

The victims testified in court that they were abused while their mothers were at work.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The crimes of a pedophile became known in 2022 during a quarrel between the eldest daughter and her mother, when women expressed mutual reproaches to each other.

The daughter told her mother that she defended her boyfriend when he molested her as a teenager.

Later it turned out that the youngest daughter of the woman was the victim of a pedophile.

The eldest of the sisters turned to the police and told everything to the operatives, and it turned out that not only the sisters suffered from the actions of a pedophile.

It was established that the 57-year-old Lidchanin suffers from a mental disorder in the form of pedophilia.

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