Five children were taken to intensive care after a terrible accident in Lelchitsy

On Tuesday evening, a terrible accident occurred in the city of Lelchitsy, Gomel region, as a result of which 7 people were injured, of which five were children.

  • What’s happened
  • Information from the Ministry of Health

All minors were taken to the intensive care unit of the Lelchitskaya Central District Hospital. Two drivers – to the surgical department.

On the fact of violation of traffic rules or operation of vehicles, a criminal case was initiated against a 19-year-old driver of a Nissan Almera car.

What’s happened

According to the press service of the USC for the Gomel region, that evening 4 young residents of the village of Chemernoye called a taxi – they wanted to go to the regional center for shopping.

Photo: USC for Gomel region

Two sisters (15 and 14 years old) with friends (14 and 13 years old) planned to go there.

Already in the regional center, the taxi driver was distracted from the road, lost control of the car and drove into the oncoming lane, where he collided with a Volkswagen Golf.

As a result, all the girls in the taxi were injured, as well as a seven-year-old boy from the second car, as well as both drivers.


Law enforcement officers worked at the scene all night.

Information from the Ministry of Health

According to the Center for Medical Response of the Ministry of Health, on the same night, additional teams of doctors arrived at the Lelchitskaya Central District Hospital.

In particular, neurosurgeons, pediatric surgeons, traumatologists, anesthesiologists-resuscitators from the regional hospital and the regional children’s hospital of Gomel, as well as from the Mozyr Emergency Medical Center arrived.

Four girls taken to the intensive care unit were diagnosed with craniocerebral injuries, fractures, bruises of internal organs.

Two of them were operated on at night. When the condition of two girls and a seven-year-old boy stabilized, they were transferred to the Gomel Regional Children’s Hospital.


Two other girls remain in the intensive care unit of the Central Regional Hospital of Lelchits. After their condition stabilizes, they are also supposed to be transferred to Gomel.

And both drivers, according to the telegram channel of the Ministry of Health, are in the surgical department of the Lelchitsa Central District Hospital.

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