Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a HIMARS missile at the house of Mayor Alyoshek

Recently, it became known about a rocket attack by the Ukrainian military on the house of the mayor of the city of Alyoshka in the Kherson region.

According to the press secretary of the acting governor of the region, Vladimir Vasilenko, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired an American HIMARS missile.

According to him, as a result of the strike, the house of Georgy Zhuravko in Aleshki was destroyed, the TUT NEWS portal reports.

The press secretary claims that none of the people were injured during the shelling, and the mayor is still fulfilling his duties.

Photo: social networks

Earlier, the Russian media wrote that last week the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit this city with incendiary ammunition of an unidentified type.

An eyewitness said that one of the shells exploded in the air, after which flammable elements fell on residential buildings and set them on fire.

As a result, at least two private houses burned down, and at least four more were damaged.

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