APU attacked Russian ships at night

Under the cover of night darkness, on August 1, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked two Rossiya patrol ships.

The attack was carried out by means of three marine unmanned boats, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry informs in its telegram channel.

The department calls the patrol ships “Sergey Kotov” and “Vasily Bykov” of the Black Sea Fleet the purpose of the insidious attack.

Both of these vessels at that time were performing the tasks of controlling navigation in the southwestern part of the Black Sea – they were located 340 km southwest of Sevastopol.

Photo: screenshot from the video of the Russian Ministry of Defense

The attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed, since all three of their unmanned boats were destroyed by fire from the standard weapons of these very ships.

The ships “Sergey Kotov” and “Vasily Bykov” of the Black Sea Fleet continue to fulfill their tasks, the ministry noted.

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